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The Second Space Race

Web conference on private space projects.

  • Date: Tuesday, October 5 - 2010
  • Time: 18:30 CEST Berlin = 17:30 London = 16:30 GMT = 12:30 p.m. US-Eastern = 09:30 a.m. US-Pacific = (convert)
    - One hour expert debate followed by public debate -


Almost 50 years after the first human being has seen the blue planet from above, a new wave of space activities is coming. A new generation of entrepreneurs, engineers and activists have started a second space race.

The mission statement has changed though - from west-versus-east to fresh-vs-established.
The official space agencies have over the years often developed a bloated and ineffective style of working, buried the remains of enthusiasm below bureaucracy and sacrificed progress for security.

Human movement into outer space was always connected to risk. Now with new private enterprises there is a second chance to make the future look like future again.

The missions may not be as spectacular as in the sixties, and mass media attention may be lower now - but international cooperation, technical and social networking also provide new means of propulsion.


This conference takes the occasion of the worldwide United Nations' Space Week and the Google Lunar X-Prize summit to gather activists of the new space movement.


Technically this will be a simple text-only web conference, with a one-hour conversation between the experts and another hour (or more) with questions and comments by the wider public. Any internet-connected device with text input may be used. Participation for experts and others is free of cost.


One public event is in Berlin, Germany:

Other venues? Please report: contact-form

Organized by Bernd Brincken, german coordinator of the Space Week 2010 - contact.

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