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This website is realized with DokuWiki, which is used for content management and allows some form of collaboration.


There are three groups of users with different rights:

  1. Visitors - without login one can read the pages and comments.
  2. Registered users - they may write comments and apply for becoming an author
    To register, click the [Login] button in the lower right, and then Register.
  3. Authors - after registration, send a message via the contact-form, giving the registered Email and the project or event you want to publish, and you will soon be given author rights.

Language selection is about the german activities during Space week 2010, so naturally most of the pages are in german.
Some texts have been translated to english though - existance of an english page is indicated by the blue |en| link in the lower right, otherwise it is grey. Clicking on this link switches to the english page, and from there |de| goes the other direction.

The [Index] button on the lower right gives an overview of all pages, english ones are grouped under the 'en' branch.

Address is hosted and maintained by:

To send us messages use this: contact-form.

Bernd Brincken, February 2010

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