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Invitation to the World Space Week 2010

Dear space friends,

Bernd Brincken welcome to the German space week website - you may find here information specific to german space week events, while all events are entitled to add themselves to the international events list.

To become part of Space Week you won't need any contract or registration - just go ahead and declare your space project as part of World Space Week.

In January 2010 Hamed Kourouma, Director National Coordinator Relations of the World Space Week Association assigned me as the german coordinator. This is an honorary job - the UN's ressources are limited and peace missions have a higher priority. Maybe one day there will be a United Nations space program but for the time being space projects are maintained by nations or multinational cooperations, like for the International space station.

Alas the World Space Week does not strive to produce a representative show on it own but instead focuses on the coordination of others activities. It is not more and not less than an offer to all space-active bodies worldwide to overcome the noise level of everyday media reports for one week with the subject of space.

This coordination seeks to provide mutual benefits by connecting publicly effective works in several ways:

  • Focussing on a defined time span, every year again
  • Higher public and media perception
  • International contacts and networking

The World Space Week and this german initiative address active players in all fields:

  • Schools and Universities, students and teachers
  • Companies and economic organisations
  • State-driven institutions
  • Individuals - technicians, authors, artistst or enthusiasts

So, please report your planned project for this years space week on this website, including the local and topical classification. You may as well contact me directly for dates, project descriptions, comments, questions or proposals or direct cooperations; indicate also if you prefer a telephone talk or direct meeting:

Bernd Brincken
Berlin, February 2010

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